Scottish Actor, DJ and all-round good cunt - Stephen McCole. We talk acting, music, and the realities of a 30-year career as an Actor - including having the balls big enough to tell a Disney Executive to fuck off on the film set of Rushmore - You absolute LEGEND!



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Science Communicator: Faye Watson | Cut Two: S03E04

Our first ever on-location in-person episode!… It was live-streamed and now uploaded in all its glory! Our guest is someone who knows a thing or two about creating content and importantly, communicating cutting edge science research – so we can all understand what the hell is going on! She has a background in Photography and is an Open Water Diver! She now spends her days as a science communicator at the Centre for Virus Research here in Glasgow.

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Voice Actor: Craig Williams | S03.E01

Voice Actor: Craig Williams | S03.E01

Craig is a Voice Actor based in Houston Texas and originally from Scotland. Following a successful career in the oil and gas industry, he followed his passion for creative work by listening to US radio and thinking… “Hey, I could do better than that!” Drawing on his vast professional and personal experience, he has created a new career as one of the leading British Voice Actors in… arguably, the world.