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      Thanks for the comment Logan! 🤣 We all need a carp calendar in our lives! 2021 is available! – (Other calendars are available:)


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Show Notes

From The Field

We start with a celebration of President-Elect BIDEN and a big FU to Trump with Cassetteboy vs Trump 2020!

Martin talks about home office challenges, co-production doco searies in the works and Tunes In The Hoose, an online community for Scottish musicians has been nominated for ‘Community Project of the Year’ in the 2020 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards! 🎉🎉🎶 VOTE NOW and Like and follow on Facebook.

Fynn talks about FoSho Video and being out on shoot for the first time in ages for a university project! There is also lots of development with his video production eLearning platform FoSho CREW and his help from Reiss at Bearfaced Studio. Lot’s happening with his new venture in machine learning and computer vision in Ag-tech FoSho VISION.

Mix It Up!

Fynn introduces us to former Australia Prime Minister John Howard, the Tampa Affair and Aussie Hip Hop Band The Herd and their song 77%.

Martin enlightens us with Tiny Desk : NPR and the amazingly (beautiful) talent of Linda Diaz, 2020 Tiny Desk Contest Winner: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.

News To Me

Fynn drops the bomb of ‘bossware’ monitoring software that allows employers to monitor their employees. Employers are free to monitor workers if it’s in the employment contract and/or employee handbook. This could be done in various ways. Check your staff handbook or contract to see if the employer is allowed to do this. Check out more information on the UK government website here.

Martin blows up the entertainment industry with stats on the music, film and games industry with total worth… in BILLIONS! There are some interesting insights and opportunities for a mash up between traditional storytelling in film and the new era of video games which has BOOMED during the pandemic.

Check One: Check Two

Fynn shouts out to scheduling service called Calendly. It saves him time and money, plus the free account is all you need to get started with one calendar!

He has an issue and had to raise a ticket… It was sorted in 3 MINUTES flat! Fynn loves great customer services and there you have it. Save yourself some time booking meetings in with your network!

Martin shares a mindblowing experience when buying a new pair of glassses at Vision Express on Byres Rd in Glasgow. Short end of the stick is that it made him feel like a bride buying a wedding dress! Nothing but beautiful women helping him pick the perfect pair of glasses. Shout out to Vision Express on Byres Rd, Glasgow.

Couples Therapy

Fynn brings up the challenges of ‘work-life-balance’ which he doesn’t consider he has a problem with (classic denial).

Did you know, 29% of remote employees said they struggle with work-life balance, and 31% said they have needed to take a day off for their mental health?

Working from home not only benefits employees by eliminating their daily commutes, it also increases productivity and leads to healthier lifestyles. It’s a win-win situation that workers relish for its flexibility – but often at the cost of their work-life balance. 2019 survey by Airtaske.

Things Fynn does to help include:

1. Getting up at the same early time every day

2. Check and reply to social media, email and missed calls twice a day at Midday and 4pm

3. Mute ALL notifications including social media 

4. Specific time that work ends and family/personal time begins. 

Martin talks about vocalising his thoughts out-loud, having full conversations with future conversations and scenarios. Martin explains that he talks to himself most of the day and wants to know if this is normal.

Comment below if you think Martin a psychopath? Fynn doesn’t think so and sees it as a process of Martin’s creative mid set. 

More information on this can be found at healthline.com.

Blatant Plug

Fynn and Martin wanted to plug the same thing – what are we like!

“Tunes in the Hoose has been nominated for ‘Community Project of the Year’ in the 2020 MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards! Voting CLOSES on Sunday 15th November”


“From Shetland to London, the tunes have travelled far and wide- to Denmark, Italy, Spain, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and even India; they have never been played louder! The overwhelming response and support from our followers, viewers and listeners has made us all realise how alive this tradition really is and we can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Check our Tunes In The Hoose on Facebook.


Martin does his best to locate a good news story amongst his friends group and fails miserably. Instead he creates an epic SLAM poem and delivers it for our listening pleasure! 

This has been a year full of walls.
Walls that you can’t climb over.
Walls that you can’t dig under.
Walls that you can’t go around.
What do we do when we hit a wall?
We smash right through it!
What do we do when we hit a wall?
We smash right through it!
What do we do when we hit a wall?
We smash right through it!
We’re going to hit a lot more walls.
So don’t waste time with ladders and shovels,
When you hit a wall… Smash right through it!

Fynn decides to hunt out cute animals that spans the animal kingdom…

The first is Eba, a Conservation Canine who is a rescue dog that helps save endangered whales by sniffing out their poop. What a legend! Find out more here.

The second is a heartwarming story about Australian firefighters posing with some of the most adorable animals their country has to offer.

What may be the world’s most popular calendar, now in its 28th year, is back, and this year the hunky heroes have been photographed with heart-melting dogs, cats, koala bears, and even kangaroos. We know all you want is the link out to it so here it is.

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